Why does this building need to be built?

Construction on the building is due to begin this month, and the state’s building watchdog has raised concerns about the project.

The Government’s building authority says the project is not fit for purpose, but the building watchdog says it’s not the first time it’s been delayed.

The building will include office and residential accommodation, a health and fitness centre and a community service centre.

The Victorian Building and Construction Authority (VCBA) said the Government’s proposed building plan did not include a comprehensive building management plan.

“The Government has stated that it will not provide a detailed plan for building, but rather a more detailed report in the future,” the VCBA said in a statement.

It also noted the site’s proximity to public transport and roads meant the building could be built without a required planning permit.

But the VCBAs chief executive, Peter Macdonald, said the report was flawed.

He said the site was a major arterial road connecting Melbourne’s CBD and outer suburbs, and there was no “clear justification” for building on it.

Mr Macdonald said the VCBCs own planning expert had found that the project was likely to affect the quality of life in the surrounding community.

Ms Ritchie said the building’s owner would have to address the building management issue before it was approved for construction.

She said the Victorian Government was committed to building a world-class building, and she hoped the project would deliver a positive result for residents and the wider community.

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