What you need to know about the loan to buy a construction rental home

As we mentioned last week, the FHA has approved a loan for a construction loan of $250,000 to help fund the construction of a five-story apartment building in Los Angeles that was designed by architect Robert Zugibe.

Zugiga, who designed the tower for the L.A. Times, says that construction on the apartment building will be finished by April 2021.

He plans to build the apartment in the heart of Hollywood, which will have five story residential units and three townhouses.

It will be the tallest building in the region, and is expected to be the most expensive building in Hollywood.

Construction of the tower has already begun, and construction will continue through 2019.

The building is set to open in 2019, according to the building’s website.

But it will cost taxpayers $6 million to build, and the FHFA says that the money is needed to pay for construction, including for the rental payments for the apartments.

The building will also need to pay a security deposit and for utilities for the five-year period.

The FHA approved the $250 million loan because it was able to get a construction financing agreement for the project from the city of Los Angeles, according a statement from the FHLA.

The city also made a $200,000 payment in cash and in property tax credits, according the statement.

The deal will help fund construction of the five story apartment building, which is expected cost about $600,000, and to pay down the mortgage of the developer, according Mayor Eric Garcetti.

The FHA said that the developer will have to provide more than $20 million in cash to help finance the project.

Garcetti said the developer would be responsible for paying the construction costs and for the rent payments, and that he expects to see more than 40 percent of the cost of the project come from the developer.

Construction on the new apartment building is expected for the spring of 2021, according LA Times.

The site is just south of the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, according Zugibbe.