Walsh construction estimating system uses 3D printing to estimate building, construction work

By Steve WalsheWalsh Construction estimating system has 3D printed parts that can accurately calculate building work and construction project requirements using a combination of 3D modeling, digital printing and data mining technology, a company said Thursday.

The system was developed by Walsh Construction to help developers estimate the size and type of buildings they will need in their future.

It is currently being used to build the new Boston Convention Center, the new Fenway Park, and the new Waterfront Tower.

Walsh said in a statement that it is the first company to use the technology and the company is excited about its potential.

The company said it is already seeing a surge in use for projects ranging from the new Waltham Police Department to the construction of the new Westin Boston.

The new technology, which is being developed by Boston-based 3D Systems, uses software and algorithms to estimate the amount of material needed for each type of building, as well as the number of workers needed to complete the project.

The company said the system can also be used for estimating other types of construction projects.

It will be used to help designers of the next wave of high-rise buildings, such as the proposed $1.9 billion Olympic Village.

“Walsh’s 3D estimating software and software software tools that support its construction project estimates are also being used by other building-related companies and are currently being utilized to estimate new construction sites in cities across the country,” the company said.