The Crossland Construction Company, which was founded by a Texas construction worker, will shut down after four years

The Crosslands Construction Company is closing its doors after four decades.

The Texas-based company, which is based in Austin, announced its decision to close after a federal investigation into the firm revealed that the company was not following its own code of conduct.

The company, with an estimated $400 million in assets, was formed in 2006 to handle construction projects that did not meet a high standard of safety.

“The company’s decision to shut down its operations is the result of a federal regulatory investigation and the federal government’s ongoing efforts to root out violations and to ensure compliance with federal standards,” a company statement read.

“In light of these efforts, the company will cease operations and will no longer provide services to federal contractors.

The final decision to discontinue operations will be made by the company and the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).”

The company has not yet responded to a request for comment.

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Labor ordered Crosslands to stop hiring employees who were in danger of exposure to asbestos.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration also issued an order in 2016 barring Crosslands from performing any work at or near a site that may be hazardous to workers, including those working on a construction site.

Crosslands appealed the decision, but lost the case.

In 2016, the Occupational Hazards Advisory Commission determined that Crosslands had been operating as an asbestos contractor, and that its practices had not been appropriate.

OSHA also issued a final order that prohibited Crosslands and its affiliates from performing work at hazardous sites.

The company is part of a consortium that owns the Crossland site in Dallas.