The best construction projects in Australia

With a long list of projects underway across Australia, there is much to look forward to in 2018.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to:A $25 million building on the south-west coast of Queensland has already been completed, and has attracted the attention of national and international construction companies.

It’s expected to be complete by 2019.

The $25m project is the largest single-use building of its kind in the state.

It is currently being developed by Queensland Construction.

The project has a total of six stories, with four of those being apartment blocks.

The project has been designed by the Australian-Australian architect Andrew Smith and will feature a large glass facade with a curved roof and terrace.

It will be located in the Brisbane CBD and includes a retail centre, a hotel and retail spaces.

The building will be made up of two apartments, each with an open-plan terrace, with balconies that rise to meet the street level.

A reception area will be built across the building.

The structure will have a ground floor retail centre and a second floor hotel.

The apartments will feature private baths, communal kitchens and bathrooms, and a gym.

The ground floor will include a reception area, and the second floor will contain a cafe.

A total of 25 apartments will be included, with the average cost for the project to be $1.5 million.

The second-floor hotel will be a luxury hotel for up to 30 guests.

The total cost to build is expected to top $2 million.

There are plans to extend the hotel further, including to a further five-star hotel, as well as a second-storey luxury apartment building.

As well as the apartments, the building will include retail space for food, entertainment and dining, and offices.

The development is being developed under the State-Owned Enterprises Building Scheme, and is expected for completion by 2019 and is one of four new construction projects to be completed across the state in 2018.(ABC News: Adam Evans)It’s also anticipated that construction on the hotel and the residential units will begin later this year.

The construction will be funded by the Queensland Building and Construction Authority, with $30 million earmarked for the development.

The State-owned enterprise scheme was created by the Newman Government in 2014 to help finance development in the construction industry, and it aims to help Queensland companies meet their development obligations.

The Queensland Building Authority has also been involved in the project.

The developer, Newcomers International, says the hotel will provide a world-class location to accommodate the growing demand for accommodation in Brisbane.

The new hotel will feature two separate residential apartments, with an attached reception area that will be connected to the retail area.

It will feature an indoor fitness room, a spa, a library, and outdoor terrace for events and meetings.

It also has an on-site restaurant, catering and a hotel lounge.

The retail space will be managed by the Newcomer’s International franchise and will be available to tenants of all ages, as opposed to the traditional ‘one size fits all’ rental arrangements that are often used in construction.

The apartment blocks will feature balconies, with each apartment having two different levels.

The balconies will have three-storeys, with six stories being included.

There will be four bedrooms and a fully-equipped rooftop lounge.

Newcomers said the apartments will also be equipped with an onsite kitchen, a fitness room and a cinema.

There are plans for a total residential complex of 25 units to be constructed in the site.

The Brisbane-based company says the project will create more than 250 jobs over the next 12 months.

A new development has been approved for the area around Brisbane’s CBD, and will add up to 1,000 new jobs in the city.

The site is near the former site of the Great Western Hotel, which was redeveloped in 2012 to create the Brisbane City Centre, and now houses a shopping centre and offices, as part of a redevelopment of the city’s CBD.

The city centre has been redeveloped since 2014 to create a vibrant mixed-use development that is set to attract an estimated $50 million in private investment.

It is the third project approved under the Queensland Business Improvement and Promotion Scheme, which is being implemented by Queensland City Council to help stimulate the growth of the CBD.