‘I’m glad it’s over’: A New York architect gets an $80 million loan to rebuild a building

AUSTIN, Texas—The owner of a Texas high-rise is getting a $80.3 million loan from a federal government agency to buy back a vacant building for a new office space.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation announced Wednesday it has secured $20 million in federal funding to buy the vacant office building at 2801 Broadway in the city’s Austin district.

The foundation said in a news release that it plans to sell the vacant property to private developers for $3.6 million.

It will take about a year to complete the transaction.

The property is located at 2841 Broadway, near the intersection of Broadway and S. Lamar Streets.

The office building is owned by a developer, GK Partners, and is a two-story building with a basement.

The foundation said the project was designed by architect Eric E. Wurman, whose office is located on the ground floor of the building.

Wurman said he will continue to operate the office as an independent company until the loan is repaid.

The announcement comes two weeks after Wurmeister said he would close his business and start an independent construction company to rebuild the building for the nonprofit Austin Foundation.

Würman is a former executive director of the Austin Planning Commission, a public body that approves or disapproves projects in the Austin region.

He also serves as a board member for the Austin Downtown Business Association, which lobbies the city to approve or disapprove projects.

The Austin Foundation is a nonprofit group that advocates for affordable housing and urban renewal.

Its mission is to build and preserve a more vibrant Austin and to connect the city and its residents to jobs, education and other services.

Construction contractor in Coney Island gets ‘superior’ rating from city of New York

Construction contractors in Colly Island, Queens, got a super-superior rating from the city of Brooklyn on Tuesday after a review of the city’s inspection report, which found the city had not performed a thorough inspection of the company’s operations.

The city has been criticized in the past for not inspecting its contractors’ operations after a series of deaths, and the company that works for Coney island, CME Group, is now under scrutiny by authorities after its subcontractors were linked to the deaths of three workers at a warehouse.

The city said it had hired a firm to conduct an independent audit of CME’s operations after the death of Michael Kallenbaum, 37, and James McManus, 43, in April.

In a statement, CPE said it was disappointed with the city inspection report.

The company has been a strong partner in the city and has been proactive in responding to public concerns, the company said.”CME is committed to ensuring that its subcontracting practices and processes are consistent with the highest standards of good business practices,” the company added.CME Group was awarded the super-Superior rating for two years in a row in March and June 2018.

The company, which provides construction work to the New York City subway system, has also been awarded five consecutive Super-Super-Super Super-Sonic Awards.