Home Construction Companies are getting paid for doing stupid things

Video games and other video games are a big part of the home construction industry.

But a new survey from research firm NPD Group has found that there are more than 100 different construction companies that work for home construction companies.

Some of these companies are even doing stupid jobs, such as building bridges and tunnels.

NPD also found that the average home construction company has 1,000 employees.

That’s a big number when you consider that the United States has only about 10,000 full-time construction jobs.

But there’s more.

NPS research has found the average salary for a contractor is $45,000.

Construction contractors make up less than 5 percent of construction companies and they’re making up a significant percentage of home construction workers.

They also make up a small percentage of the overall construction industry’s workforce, at just under 6 percent.

NDP found that only 8 percent of the workers at home construction contractors make more than $100,000 a year.

That figure jumps to 15 percent for home-based contractors, 20 percent for small-size contractors, and 37 percent for the full-size and small-sized construction companies in the survey.

The most common type of home-construction company NPD looked at were home builders, with a median salary of $61,000, followed by home owners and commercial builders.

The average home-building company has only 200 workers, and the vast majority of them are paid $35,000 to $55,000 per year.

Home-builders and homeowners are still the most common construction companies when it comes to making the most money, making $42,000 and $54,000 respectively.

Small-size construction companies were also in the top 10, with average salaries of $37,000 each.

That is a bit lower than the average, but still quite high.

Homebuilders make up the second-highest category in the NPD survey, with $27,000 for small builders.

In fact, small-to-medium sized builders make up about 18 percent of all construction workers in the United Kingdom.

This is partly because these are typically lower-paid, lower-skilled workers who tend to work in smaller-scale homes, according to NPD.

NPG, which was formed in 2009, surveyed more than 7,000 contractors in the UK and found that they make up roughly 2 percent of total construction workers, making up less that 4,500 workers overall.

Home owners and homeowners were the second and third-largest groups in NPD’s survey, making an average of $25,000 annually.

This may not seem like a lot, but it’s actually a pretty good wage for the jobs they’re doing.

NPA, which has been around since the 1980s, surveyed contractors in 2006, finding that the median annual salary was $41,000 in the U.K. That was down from $43,000 the previous year.

The survey found that homeowners make up just under 20 percent of homebuilders in the British capital.

This makes them the most popular occupation in Britain for homebuilders, according the survey, at 42 percent of contractors, followed closely by commercial builders at 34 percent.

The report also found some surprising statistics about the construction industry, including that contractors make far less than their counterparts in other industries, and are less likely to have insurance, pensions, or other perks.

For example, one in four contractors said they had a car loan.

That means they’re often borrowing money to make a living.

NPEs were also asked about health benefits, and they said the average contractor in the study paid less than half the amount a comparable worker in the private sector.

The reason contractors don’t make more money is because they’re not able to afford it, and NPG’s research found that contractors pay $1,700 more a year in health insurance premiums than the typical private-sector worker.

But the survey also found the construction sector has some perks that make it the most attractive job for many contractors.

The lowest-paid category in NPGs survey was home-builders, who earned $25.

The median salary for home builders was $40,000; that was down $5,000 from the previous survey, and about $2,000 higher than the highest-paid construction workers on NPDs list.

Homeowners were next, at $34,000 over their private-sales counterpart, at a little over half the average.

The home-owners category was the only category that paid less, at less than $30,000 an average contractor, compared to $39,000 workers in other categories.

NPP also found there are a lot of different types of contractors out there.

They surveyed a number of contractors in Australia and found there’s an average annual salary of about $39.50 for contractors working in homes, apartments, and small commercial buildings.

They said that is about