Which companies are going to be getting CMD certification in the next five years?

Fox News is reporting that several major tech companies are in the process of certifying their IT solutions for CMD, with the certification coming in 2018.

Fox’s sources say that Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Oracle will all get certification from the U.S. Department of Commerce this year.

The U.K. government is also working on a CMD certificate for a number of other major companies, but has not made a final decision on the certification.

It is unclear whether Amazon or Microsoft or Oracle will get CMD.

According to the Fox article, some of the certifications will be for systems management, network and data center management, cloud computing, and virtualization and virtual environments.

Other certifications are for network and storage management, application and integration, data center security, and data analytics.

CMD is a certification that certifies that a technology or software solution meets certain standards and has been designed and tested by the federal government to meet a specific set of standards.

It does not require that a company implement the solution.

Some companies that have received CMD certifications have implemented solutions that run on top of the operating system of their systems.

Some have managed to achieve compliance with the OS standards without changing the underlying technology or code.

The certification is an important step toward a government-issued certification for companies to make sure that their IT systems meet government standards.

Companies are required to submit a plan to the government by February 2018 to certify their solutions for compliance with a set of OS standards.

CMD is not a replacement for a certification from an independent agency like the OSI or OSHA.

Microsoft’s software and services company is seeking to acquire the software company that made Microsoft Office so popular.

Microsoft is interested in buying software and technology company Ocala-based Software & Services (S&S) to help with its cloud strategy, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The person requested anonymity because the acquisition is private.

Microsoft would not comment on the matter, the person said.

The deal is valued at $2.5 billion, according a person with knowledge of the matter who requested anonymity.

The two companies merged in August 2016.

S&S has developed and released Office for Windows, and has also released other software, including Skype for Business and Exchange.

Microsoft has said it is expanding Office to other platforms.

The acquisition would help Microsoft keep up with the pace of growth in the cloud market and make its software more easily accessible to enterprise customers, the source said.