Construction workers face charges after two crane fall from roof of a house

Construction workers have been charged after a crane fell from a roof in south-east Queensland.

Key points:The crane was attached to the roof of the home where a woman died and her husband died in the accidentA fire department spokeswoman says they are investigating whether it was caused by smokeThe fire department says they were told by contractors the crane would not be allowed to go up to the top of the house.

The woman, whose name was not released, was killed and her partner, who was not injured, suffered minor injuries.

The fire brigade said in a statement that they were called to the home on a report of a collapsed crane and were told it was a failure of the crane, which was attached at the top to the house by a small ladder.

They were told the crane was not permitted to go higher than the roof, the statement said.

They said a crew member saw smoke rising from the top floor and immediately went to the balcony to investigate.

“When they went down the balcony, they discovered the crane had fallen from the roof and the ladder had been ripped off,” a fire brigade spokesperson said.

“A fire crew member and an assistant were also injured.”

The fire crew was able to safely access the home through the front door and found the home uninhabitable.

“They said the woman died on the balcony from a chest injury.

The home is in the suburb of Pahrump.

The family of the deceased woman, who is not being identified, did not want their identity revealed, the spokesperson said, but said the man’s injuries were minor.”

They are devastated by this tragedy,” the statement added.”

We are in the process of getting a medical report.

“This is a tragic accident, we are fully cooperating with the police and the coroner.”

No charges were laid against the contractors, who did not return calls.

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When a baby was buried alive: Construction paper flowers now available for sale

By Jennifer Suckling, The Associated Press WriterNew construction paper flowers are becoming an everyday item in the Canadian capital.

But they’re a rare item in Alberta, where it’s illegal to bury baby babies.

The baby was found wrapped in paper flowers on Monday.

A search and rescue team found the lifeless body of a 7-month-old boy who was wrapped in a red paper flower and stuffed in a plastic bag on the outskirts of Edmonton.

He was the eighth infant in a string of three children buried in a cardboard box in the area of the city’s downtown.

The boy’s body was discovered about 3:30 a.m.


“We were shocked to find out that it was the first one that had been discovered,” said police spokeswoman Jennifer Tugwell.

The child was the fourth child buried in the cardboard box, Tugco said.

“There was another child who was buried with him,” Tugwe said.

The family of the baby had not yet been notified of the discovery, Togwell said.

Investigators say it’s unclear why the boy was buried, but they don’t know how long the infant was buried.

Tugwell said the infant’s parents have since filed a missing persons report.

Police say the search and recovery team was called to the scene.

They say they’ve spoken to a man who said he saw the boy with a man and a woman in Edmonton.

Police haven’t said whether the boy is alive.

How to avoid an expensive construction accident

The construction industry has been grappling with a problem of rising costs for decades.

But a new report says the cost of the construction industry is on the rise again.

The International Association of Building Contractors says in a report released Wednesday that construction industry workers and construction equipment rental costs increased by 3.2 percent in the third quarter of this year.

That’s a big increase over the year’s third quarter, which saw a 1.9 percent increase in construction labor costs.

The increase was slightly lower than the increase in total construction labor and construction machinery costs.

But that’s not a big deal to construction companies, said Robert Mazzucato, senior vice president of government affairs for the IAB.

“We have had a very good business in the last 10 to 20 years.

The real issue is the increased costs of construction equipment, especially construction equipment for public works, and that’s something that’s getting more expensive,” he said.”

There are a number of factors at work here.

We’ve seen a surge in the cost and a shift to new technology.

We’re seeing an increasing use of automation and a higher cost for some of those services.

We also have a significant increase in the number of construction workers in the U.S. That means more costs are going to go into building equipment, and it’s not as easy to make a profit from that.”

The new report comes on the heels of the death of construction worker Mike Stahl, who died after falling down a concrete ramp at a construction site in West Virginia.

Stahl was working for a private company called the Stahl Construction Company.

He died while working on a project in a construction zone at the construction site of the Washington State Fair in Bellingham, Wash.

A few weeks ago, the Washington Construction Association released a statement saying that it “condemns this senseless, dangerous and unnecessary act of violence.”

It also called on the construction companies to be more responsible.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that a construction worker should be exposed to this level of risk and violence,” the group said.

“The safety of our members and guests is our highest priority.

We are asking that all construction companies be held accountable for this act of negligence and bring their safety practices into line with the standards set by the Construction Safety and Health Council.”

In a statement, the construction company said it was “deeply saddened by this tragic loss of life,” adding that it is cooperating with authorities.

The company said the death is being investigated by the Bureau of Labor and Industries and it is providing a full and thorough investigation.

The firm said it is looking into all the circumstances surrounding this incident.