New design for Framing construction signs in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is trying to make the construction industry more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The city is announcing that its Department of Building and Safety is going to work with construction industry partners to make signage in the city more green and sustainable.

It will be the first of its kind in the world.

The city will partner with a wide range of businesses, including architects, contractors, landscapers, landscaper-related businesses, and small businesses to install a new signage system, called Framing.

It replaces the current signage system that is not only outdated but also often confusing.

The signs will include a new system that will be designed to be more visually consistent, with the logo and lettering aligned, with a clear color and shading.

This will help businesses locate their signage and make the signage look like they are actually located in the building.

It is also important that the sign also looks like it’s in a building, so that customers know it’s a real building.

The sign will be installed throughout the city, from the downtown core to the Port Mann and Port Mann Bridge, and from the West End to the west end of the city.

The new signage will also help businesses create better-looking banners and signage that is more user-friendly.

The new signage also includes the first green building standards and an online database that will allow the city to quickly check compliance with the new signage rules.

These standards will be used by businesses throughout the entire city to ensure compliance.

The signs will be free of charge, but the city will have to pay the contractors and the contractors’ subcontractors.