Lego construction sets for 2018 build at Lincoln Memorial

The National Building Museum has set the construction date for the lego-building set at the memorial to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Lego Construction set to build a new set of Legos at the Lincoln Memorial set to open in 2018.

The set is set to be built by a company called Legos in Lincoln, Md., according to a release from the museum on Wednesday.

Legos will have the rights to use the sets design and build them at the National Building.

Legotronics has been using Legos sets for years to create an array of toys that help children learn about life, said Scott Schoenfeld, director of Legotronics.

The company has also been designing a new generation of Lego sets for children, with the latest generation slated to open for public sale in September.

The new set will include several Legos, as well as a Lego-mobile and a new version of the popular Lego Batman TV show, according to the release.